Twin and Poster Tapestries are Always the Perfect Gift

What is special about a tapestry? Soft fibers are woven to create the base background color and then dyes are applied to bring the image to life. Highlight your passions, beliefs, and personal style with our poster tapestries and twin tapestries. New digital processes enable us to stock a huge selection of prints that celebrate heritage, pop culture, and a sense of style that pushes boundaries. Wake up every day to images that grew out of cultures from around the world including China, India, Buddha, Tibet, and New Age belief systems. Having twin and poster tapestries be a part of your home can mean just as much as an expensive piece of art. It can bring peace and calming into any area of your home which is the beauty of hanging these pieces of woven fibers. 

Tapestries actually lead back to the ancient days where kings and queens would have these beautiful hand woven pieces that were very delicate but largely displayed an image that they could hang on their wall. The material was also easy to transport because you can just fold it up and move it to the next location. Buying a tapestry can not only mean a lot to someone who enjoys expressing themselves with colorful woven art but that it can symbolize having something that’s been a part of history for so many years now. The twin tapestries measure 82" by 52" and the poster tapestries are 30" x 46". Our twin tapestries are always popular as you get a full-color side and one in shades of gray. Switch it around when the mood strikes! Our online shop never closes, so you are free to browse, click, and buy at any time of the day or night. We ship across America using the USPS system. Place your order with The Enchanted Willows today!