Your Source for Unique Gifts for Hippies

Does your friend love to dress in a crazy combination of Bohemian colors? Maybe they have a penchant for incense and burners. The Enchanted Willows is your one-stop-shop for fun unique gifts for hippies that support their style and spirit. We are always hunting down new sources for fashion, home decor, and new scents that add vibrancy to life. We celebrate cultures from across the planet and every realm in between.

A Metaphysical Store Filled with Color, Energy, and Variety

Set the stage for your next meditation or get together with friends using some of our most popular products. As a metaphysical store, we know just what you like to burn when reaching deep to find your inner peace. We stock over 50 varieties of incense--one for almost every occasion. Select a semi-precious stone or piece of jewelry to accompany a variety of sticks. Even our burners are out of the ordinary.

Select the Right Hand-crafted Stone Jewelry for Them

Do you wish you had a way of wearing your focus crystal? Check out our semi-precious hand-crafted stone jewelry section that features every kind of stone, crystal, or amulet needed to complete your spiritual journey. Each piece is unique and crafted with care by artisans from across the planet. Sort through all the colors and discover pieces with your birthstone, garnets, peridots, or tourmaline. Come back again soon as our inventory is always changing.

Amethyst, Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, and More

Balance your chakra when you wear the perfect combination of semi-precious stones as a bracelet or necklace. We stock them all including turquoise, amber, tiger eye, goldstone, and marble. Feel your energies align and balance as each day you draw strength from the power of these stones. See their love for you blossom when you exchange hand-crafted stone jewelry that supports their lifestyle and personal power.

The Enchanted Willows also offers other unique gifts that support restorative meditation including incense, tapestries, and comfortable fashions. We ship anywhere across the country and provide a secure checkout for a more confident shopping experience.